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    Forum Rules


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    Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

    Post  Admin on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:50 am

    1. Respect other users of this forum

    If your post insults or flames another user, or fails to contribute positively to a discussion, reword/edit it or simply refrain from posting it. Disobeying this rule results in a warning, and possibly a ban depending on severity.

    (Note: If you have a problem with someone, discuss the matter using Private Messages. Personal arguments will be removed.)

    2. Listen to the Administrators and Moderators and please do not armchair MOD.

    This is general common sense. Do not ignore them if they issue you a warning, as doing so will earn you a one-way ticket to Ban Land.
    If you are not a mod, do not act like one. There are people in this forum whose job it is to keep order. If there is a problem with one of the other members, let the admins and/or mods handle it.
    If you receive a public warning and want to discuss it, then PM a MODor the Admin. Do NOT respond in the string. We are not interested in public conflict.
    Do NOT make public comments on disciplinary action taken by the MOD against other users. Generally, if you are not involved it is NOT your business. However, if you think the MOD made an error or overlooked something, then PM the MOD in question, but remember that all disciplinary decisions are ultimately up to the MOD.

    3. Do not use explicit/swear words or post inappropriate material

    This includes hateful, discriminatory, or pornographic material and words. Do not attempt to bypass the word-filter, either. Doing so shows a complete lack of respect for this rule and you will be issued a warning.

    4. Do not publicly discuss illegal episode downloading or viewing (e.g., youtube, putfile)

    This is a serious matter. Express true fandom by showing consideration towards the Avatar production crew, who've worked hard to provide us with an amazing animated series. Anyone found openly discussing where or how to download episodes or the viewing of illegal episodes will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED WITHOUT WARNING (period of ban maybe specified). This includes direct links on websites, youtube, putfile, IRC and torrents.

    5. Rapidshare links or any other websites which are rapidly used for sharing copyrighted material are banned. Fail to cooporate will result in a ban.

    6. Do not provide links to the direct download source for your mentioned application instead try to give link of the page of the site where the download is located and is available.

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