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    Post  Admin on Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:34 pm

    Please educate yourself.

    The alternative to an open, informed and educated mind is slavery.
    Slavery is very bad for you.
    Freedom, knowledge and truth is very good for you.
    Truth, love, honesty, justice, kindness and knowledge can make you happy and empowered.

    Please share the documentaries and information available from this website with friends, family and strangers

    The "official version" of world history will not include most of the information available from this website. Check your children's schoolbooks and compare them with the evidence available at this website. You will find that todays children are being deliberately lied to and badly manipulated. You absolutely have to help ensure that future historians as well as fellow citizens in todays society have the possibility to uncover the true history of humanity. Burn CD or DVD copies and share them with friends, family and even random strangers!

    "Those who fail to learn the lessons that history teaches, are doomed to repeat them".

    Please think actively.

    Please use your brain. It is a great instrument.

    Think actively. Ask questions. Question everyone and everything. Do not accept any information without having carefully considered it and though about it.

    Trust only yourself and your ability to do objective intellectual reasoning when receiving information.

    We may be disinformation terrorist for all you know. The information we present may be false. You can not know for sure without actively questioning the information we present. Please think through the information presented. This is specially important when viewing state or corporate "news outlets". It is also important to question both content and users when reading and debating on Internet forums. Government disinformation terrorist participate in public debates in order to distort, and obscurity the truth. Such disinformation terrorist, at least those employed by the tyrannical Norwegian government, also illegally surveillance the Internet connection of those who ask critical questions and share the truth in order to ridicule and discredit what they write in public forums. It should also be noted that such disinformation terrorist are in many cases closely connected to other government terrorist who covertly torture using "Active Denial System" weapons, microwave weapons and other similar covert-torture-technologies.

    Also be aware that the typical tactic in psychological warfare is to encourage you to reject information WITHOUT HAVING LOOKED AT IT: Those who encourage you to have an opinion of any issue without investigating it and without looking at the facts are likely government disinformation terrorist.

    Is it wise to blindly and mindlessly accept or reject anything?

    You really do need to make a honest effort of doing your own investigation. Do your own research!

    Do you want to be a passive receiver, or an active participant?

    You have been warned. You have to make a choice, I'v made mine.

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