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    Post  Admin on Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:24 am

    The aim of this page is to create and help spread awareness for our cause. The cause is to allow people to become aware of the intended NWO that is being forced on us, by the likes of wealthy, globalist bankers (such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers), through conquest and apathetic or misguided consent. It's our aim to make people aware of this and how their rule has allowed for the creation of an undesirable and inhumane society to help them to accomplish their aims.

    I, and thankfully many other people, are slowly becoming aware that our world is run by illogical means and for inhumane objectives. I believe there is a reason behind this. There is a tremendous amount of evidence, now and from history, that a small percentage of the world has all the power--namely those with the most money.

    Call them the Illuminati, the new world order or, the globalist elitist bankers, the name is largely irrelevant. They own everything, from what goes into our food and even our own thoughts regarding issues such as war and politics. I see intelligent people being patriotic to what I see as a fascist army. Through media and a regulated society we are lead to believe that war and killing for oil and greed is right when we know somewhere deep down that this is an affront to our very core human values. There is so much information behind the reasons for why this is being done to us; pages like ours endeavor to disseminate this information so people can see the truth for themelves.

    Even if there was no evidence at all that would point to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers being part of this deception, I would still be vehemently standing against our governments and society. No government that truly cares about the well-being of its people would be as illogical and inhuman as they are being. No righteous and just government would put toxic chemicals like aspartame in drinks and flouride in our water. No society that operated on good values (instead of greed, vanity and discontentment) would send our young people to go and die for oil, drugs, money and greed all while lying through their teeth and telling them they are dying to free the world from tyrany. New laws would not be passed that would lead to peaceful protestors being arrested and imprisoned without trial, and our constitutional rights would not be further violated with each passing day.

    The public needs to start realizing what is transpiring in this world and how it is affecting their lives and the lives of their children. What is happening is not right nor is it just or fair. The human race's tremendous potential is being stifled under the current Paradigm. We are divided by petty and inconsequential differences, therefore we can easily be divided and conquered. I hope we can try finally come together as a human race and turn our evolution around. You may think this is paranoia and that we are making something out of nothing, but it is not. It's simply a realization of the truth. (Sick Mirth)

    *Also, if you are new to this area of research and global/political thinking or simply are looking to learn more, check out our notes section (and of course, our posts) for recommended reading and viewing in order to provide yourself as much information as possible upon which to base your decisions and opinions about the world. -The Soothsayer

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