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    The Global Warming Myth


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    The Global Warming Myth Empty The Global Warming Myth

    Post  Admin on Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:02 pm


    The U.N since 1988 has been trying to re-distribute the “World’s Wealth” to the under developed countries by means of the “Global Warming Myth”. They have been trying to prove this garbage for 22 years.The attendance of the “16th Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change” this year in Cancun, Mexico will be down by two thirds as opposed to last years attendance at Copenhagen,Denmark. The U.N’s own scientists are starting to debunk this crapola that has been put forth to us by clowns such as Al Gore. Of course big Al has enriched himself by millions of dollars thru a scam called Carbon Credits. The U.N at last years conference at Copenhagen,Denmark had private chefs flown in serving champagne and caviar along with gourmet dishes to it’s guests.

    The concept of this “Global Warming” scam was to enrich undeveloped countries by diverting wealth from the richest countries in the world, namely America. Leaders from 60 Nations will converge in Mexico to push a ” tax on world financial transactions, formally launching a massive program to bankrupt the middle class and enrich the coffers of global government”!

    You can read more about this with the link provided below, but it’s starting to look more and more , like a way to take away America’s wealth and re-distribute to other parts of the world. More of the scientists that were “On Board” with this garbage are now backing off. You see the greedy bastards want to make us believe that the tax incurred by this will be redistributed,from the middle class of the Americans along with others, and In their own words, the globalists talk of their aim to “limit and redirect the aspirations for a better life of rising middle classes around the world,” in other words to reduce the standard of living for the middle class of Americans!

    “Since Spain’s “fundamental transformation” of its economy over to a “green economy” has devastated the country, with unemployment hitting a crippling 20 per cent”

    “Although climate change still gets a token mention in the call for a global tax, the justification of poverty has firmly overtaken it as the primary ruse via which globalists plan to conduct a massive transfer of wealth – not to poor nations – but to their own back pockets.”

    The “REAL” reason for this scam is to enrich the Globalists pockets!

    People, you never hear about these things unless you dig into the Internet. No way do the Globalists want us to understand what is really going on here. Global Warming is a crock of BS. A couple of volcanoes erupting can cause global warming folks!


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