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    Altered states of consciousness VS Modern times


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    Altered states of consciousness VS Modern times Empty Altered states of consciousness VS Modern times

    Post  UnderTheTree on Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:57 am

    After watching countless hours of documentaries and reading a few books here and there on ancient societies and their divine rituals. I soon realized that altered states of consciousness and the consumption of psychedelics was a big part of their sacred rituals and religions, and I couldn't help but think, why is it that our modern society demonize those plants ally and persecute anyone who want to alter his own mind, even when we have solid proof of their beneficial properties?

    At first, I was sure that it was only for economical reasons, with the war on drugs and the big pharmaceutical empire controlling the market, it was pretty obvious that it wasn't in their best interest to legalize cannabis, magic mushrooms and so on. But then, after watching video like killuminati the movie and a few of Terence Mckenna's lectures, I started to wonder if there was a deeper reason that make them want to suppressed those drugs.

    For those of us that have already use those drugs, they surely know that one of the effect they will induce is the shattering of the ego, and the impact that it has on someone's mind is huge. They will start to question multiple aspects of their life, their work, their social rank, their relationships, the BS that they get on TV and on the radio, and we all know that this is the last thing the government wants... people that think and question the way this crazy world is run, instead of just blindly take in all the BS we feed them. And, also those drugs will make people more creative, loving and conscious of the well being of their peers, which is also very bad for our current system.

    So for me, that might be one of many reasons they try to keep those plant allies away from us. So what do you guys think?

    p.s: BTW, I'm not for the legalization of all drugs, some are very dangerous like meth, bath salt and even some currently legal drugs. But, for me medicine like cannabis, magic mushrooms and ayahuasca should be available for us to use if we desire. But, I also think that they should be treated with respect and care, especially in the case of ayahuasca(DMT), and taken in the right setting with the right people.
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    Altered states of consciousness VS Modern times Empty Re: Altered states of consciousness VS Modern times

    Post  bond goldbond on Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:57 am

    it is true you shouldnt wake the sheeple its baaaaaad, with that being said these so called narcotics have been medicines for thousands of years and then all of a sudden in the last hundred years or so they are bad for us, really? No their not their bad for business unless you work for a paint store or dorito, and it always comes back to money once they have enough they want power. If everyone new they could build themselves a wood degassifier and run their vehicles off leaves then oil loses pharmaceutical companies lose when we heal ourselves from the wild and lets be honest the population if left to fend for themselves would shrink drasticly because they need the tit if we didnt have the population we had you know we probably wouldnt have huge war machines killing just for the sake of the next contract.

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